The Sound A Plouffe Makes

by Jay

I have to say, I have a fun surname. It’s simple. Rolls off the tongue. And yeah, there’s always that sexual innuendo. You knew it was going there.

You should have seen that coming.


I also have to say, Trevor Plouffe has an equally fun surname. And while it is not as simple, despite being one less syllable, I can proclaim that Plouffe does in fact roll off the tongue just as easily. Perhaps even more easily than Longfellow. And there’s a sandbox mode here to which you can Plouffe anything.

See what I just did there?

But, I can’t just make a superfluous post with just a whole bunch of ‘Plouffe’s’ copy-and-pasted and then call it a day. Well, I mean, I can. Actually, that might be a fun idea. What I’m saying is, I would rather have a reason to go Plouffe all over your face. (That’s another 3 points.)

And, so, I give you the Plouffeness in all his glory…

Plouffe goes the dynamite! I’m here all night folks.

If you haven’t already, you should say ‘Plouffe’, drawn out, in a high-pitched manner while watching this pretty amazing catch.


Because that’s the sound a Plouffe makes.