Jason Longfellow, aka Jay Long, aka Jaywrong, aka JW-1, is the founder of this site. Obvious statement is obvious.

What you’ll find here is exactly what the title states. We’re on a random discovery of mind and body and soul. So it’ll basically be like watching porn. But instead of boobs, you’ll have words and stuff. Everything and anything will be written of. And fun will be had. This is the fun blog, and you’re invited.

Jason is a 31-year old Korish who finds solace using Makers Mark as a vehicle to impress women and also has an affinity for making Yu Darvish and Jennifer Lawrence GIFs. You can follow him @jaywrong, read his Bear/Bull and Deep Impact series over at Razzball, or, you can find his GIFs at his tumblr, named Siuijeonseo.